Estate Administration

Although not a topic that most of us like to dwell on, it is important that everyone has a Will. If you do not, it may be a costly and lengthy process to administer your estate.

Tania has a lot of experience in Wills and Estate Administration. She is sensitive to the fact that it is a delicate area of the law. With Estate Administration, often we are dealing with grieving relatives and we have the utmost empathy for these situations.

Tania is able to assist in all areas of estate administration including applying to the High Court for probate (where required), liquidating assets, transferring assets and reporting to beneficiaries and executors.

Throughout the process Tania maintains a close relationship with the executors of your will and keeps them informed throughout the process. Tania strives to make this process as smooth as possible.

Disputes Involving Estates

It is always difficult dealing with the death of a family member. It is even more stressful when, for whatever reason, a dispute arises over the terms of the Will.

A Testator (the person who has made the Will) has, in certain circumstances, both a moral and legal duty to provide for certain family members in his/her Will. Sometimes Wills are made that do not fulfill these requirements.

In those situations, a family member who has not been provided for may have a claim against the Testator’s estate..

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