Wills and Trusts

Tania has wide experience and expertise in this area. As with a lot of areas of the law, the areas of trusts and estate planning is always evolving. At Restieaux Richards, we keep up to date and we are able to confidently and competently advise clients.


We customise our trusts so that they fit perfectly with our clients’ needs and requirements.

We are able to advise on appropriate structure, depending on whether the trust is to be used in the commercial sector or is a private family trust. Considerations include tax issues, protection from creditors, keeping your assets safe in the event of a relationship break up, and means testing for rest home subsidies.


As a trust deals with your assets, it is imperative that your Will sits alongside your trust and works in unison with your trust. We assist with tailoring your Will so that we can achieve this.

We recommend that clients review their Will every five years. However, you also need to review your Will in the following situations:

  • If you enter into a marriage, civil union, or de facto relationship
  • If your spouse/partner dies
  • When you form a trust
  • If your marriage, civil union or de facto relationship ends
  • If a child is born
  • If your personal situation significantly changes in any way


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